We are a cloud based software company that is standing on the shoulders of giants

PaperTracker was built with allot of love and caffeine, and is currently utilizing three data centers in Tampa, FL, Dallas, TX and Ashburn, VA with Hivelocity.net and AWS.
We use redundant load balancers with a web farm of IIS servers behind them.
We are using a variety of data stores for persistence which are constantly being replicated to 3 geographically spread out locations.
In addition to replication all databases and transaction logs are backed up to AWS S3 storage which is encrypted with AES 256 bit.
Extra Security Facility Information

The majority of our maintenance is automated, and security updates that require the operating system to reboot happens in staggered times between 3am-4am EST.

Updates to PaperTracker happen seamlessly while you are still in the program.
Once you navigate to another page the update will be visible.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

John Shelley - Caffeine Code Inc